As Bronto continues to grow and invest in a consistent cross-platform user experience, there is an emergent need for an effort to maintain a consistent design language and style across the platform and apps. To achieve this we are building a visual and front-end style guide that consists of re-useable components for designers and developers to use while creating amazing products.

Design Principles


Create a seamless user experience through the application of reusable components and patterns in solving problems and identifying solutions.


Eliminate confusion with simple design. Enable users to act with confidence in an intuitive user interface.


Advocate for the user when making design decisions. Design for the why.

Design Process


Collaborate with product management, front end design, and UX team to gather requirements, sketch out solutions, and make interactive prototypes that validate design decisions.


Create detailed personas to identify and understand specific user needs and requirements. Always be designing for the user in mind.


Create rich detailed oriented design artifacts that help communicate ideas and user flows to teams. Use artifacts for rapid prototyping and user testing for quick iterations on ideas.

Bronto Style Guide v.0.9.8